2009 Official Supplier


Throughout the years CarboComp has developed many carbon fiber products - both our own designs and for clients. Many of these products are short run prototypes covered by confidentiality agreements and therefore can not be displayed on this web site.

Below are some of our clients:

Koenigsegg Automotive AB

CarboComp has worked for Koenigsegg since 1997. In 2008, Carbocomp became an official supplier for Koenigsegg.

Presently CarboComp is manufacturing interior-, exterior- and engine parts for the famous Swedish super sports car.

Koenigsegg CCX Edition
Koenigsegg carbon fiber parts


CarboComp assisted Ekerdesign and Ergonomidesign in developing the Gramophone loudspeaker for Aesthesis. CarboComp also manufactured carbonmoulds and carbonparts for this high-end, retro-looking loudspeaker.


Highland Group AB

Highland is a dynamic motorbike manufacturer in Sweden. CarboComp are supplying them with a carbon body for their new 450-model.


Peter Ols

Swedish free diver Peter Ols is within the world's elite in free diving. CarboComp helped Peter develop a groundbreaking monofin blade in full carbon for maximum speed and control.


Kela Pro

Mast extensions for windsurfing.


Aeroform Ltd

CarboComp is Aeroform's sales agent in Sweden. Aeroform offers Autoclaves, hot-bonders and hypobaric-chambers etc.



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